Shopping Fees

Fees and Services on Tanuki Shop
Fee for Yahoo Auctions 1000 JPY
Fee for Rakuten/Yahoo Shopping 500 JPY/ lot
* Additional services fees  
Packaging with Instapak foam filler (recommended for fragile items). Learn more 2000 JPY
Turntable handling (removing/fixing the table, fixing the tonearm, Instapak filler) 2000 JPY
Special requests (photos, weight change, reassembling, repacking etc.) 1000 JPY / 15 min. of work
Packing with individual customer requirements 2000 JPY
Mounting and removing the tire from the wheel 500 JPY/ tire

Requesting additional information about the item

500 JPY/ request
Guitar dismantling 1000 JPY
Parcel enforcement with the pressed cardboard 2000 JPY


When and how the payment is made

Maximum bid

Final price

Blocking amount

Mandatory payments

Storage fees



Maximum period of storage

Approximate cost