How it works

How to Shop on Yahoo Auctions Japan
Step 1 Create an account on and confirm registrations via e-mail Create an account >
Step 2 Sign in to your account on Tanuki Shop using your email and password Sign In >
Step 3 Fund your account to be able to bid on Yahoo Auctions Add funds >
Step 4 Place bids on products that interest you and check for other bids. If somebody outbids you, than you must bid additionally, so you can always be the higher bidder. The minimum bidding price is set by the seller. The proccess ends when there are no more bids, and the buyer making the highest bid gets the item. My Auctions >
Step 5 Winning the bid - if you do, then the money is subtracted automatically from your account. In case you lose, you can use your money to buy other products or extract the money from your account. My Orders >
Step 6 Processing the order. As the item you ordered arrive to our warehouse, we check if the item you purchased is in working order, matches the seller’s description. Then the package is being repacked to avoid any unpleasant surprises during the shipping process.  Shipping methods >
Step 7 Processing the delivery. As the item you ordered arrive to our warehouse, you will be able to choose the shipping method. Once it is all ready for shipping, you will receive an invoice from us. Package will be on its way.  My Packages >