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On our website, we offer products from Japan's largest marketplaces – Yahoo Shopping, Rakuten, and the auction platform Yahoo Auctions. Additionally, Tanuki Shop provides the opportunity to purchase items from a variety of other Japanese online stores. Specialized stores catering to fans of pop culture, music, an active lifestyle, cosmetics, and health products are at your service!

To purchase items from platforms not featured on our website, you need to go to the order placement section: https://www.tanukishop.com/en/other-shop/create-order and paste the link to the item you're interested in. Another option is to go to the order placement section from another store in your account's "My Page" under the "Shopping Cart" section. We will confirm the availability of the item and its delivery cost within Japan, after which we will send you a payment notification for the order.

Enjoy shopping with Tanuki Shop!

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Table of Contents


Anime, Manga, Figures


A marketplace dedicated to anime and manga, where most products are handmade


The largest platform for all things related to Japanese pop culture.


A treasure trove for fans of video games, anime, and manga, offering rare items at affordable prices with free delivery in Japan for orders over 1500 yen.


A store with figures and related goods to suit all tastes.


One of the major Japanese online stores for new and used items for pop culture enthusiasts.

 https://furyu-hm.com/ (ex. https://fnex.jp)

Unique figures from Japan!


Figures for adults 18+.


The store's name, Hobby Search, speaks for itself.


Figures for manga and anime enthusiasts.


Various anime figures and merchandise.


Discs, keychains, figures, and clothing for anime and manga fans.


Official Pokémon online store.


Official store for Kyoto Animation studio.


Official store for Kadokawa publishing. There are also figures in addition to books.


Manga, Games, Music, Figures etc. 


Music on CDs and Vinyl Records


Official online store for Tower Records.


Music, CDs, books, and other entertainment products.


New and used records. Catalog updated weekly!


Official store of Sony Music recording company.


CDs and vinyl records from Japan.


Pre-owned vinyl recods online store.




The book division of the legendary Rakuten.


The largest retailer of used books, discs, and games.


A wide selection of books for adults and children.


Official store for Kadokawa publishing. 


Alice Books is a website dedicated to the sales and promotion of Doujinshi


Outdoor and Fishing Gear


A wide selection of fishing rods and reels, with free delivery in Japan for orders over 5000 yen.


Products for fishing, camping, and an active lifestyle.


Regularly updated catalog of fishing products.


Everything for great fishing!


Audio Equipment


Store for used audio equipment, featuring high-quality vintage Japanese audio technology.


Official store for Onkyo audio technology.


Needles for vinyl record players.


Car Parts


Everything for cars and their maintenance.


Car parts from Japan. The website is available in English!


Online shop for motorcycle goods and parts.


General Stores


The world's largest marketplace.


Platform for resale of new and used items.


A versatile store offering everything from furniture to cookies.




Secondhand Japanese Kimono Store. Used Kimono, Yukata, Obis, Haoris and more other items for sale.


Second Street offers a wide range of products, including branded apparel, bags, furniture, and home appliances.


Place an Order From Any Japanese E-Shop